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Entire 1960 Gold Medal Olympic championship fight, light heavyweight division, between Cassius Clay (US) and Zigzy Pietrzykowski (Poland). The slender American right hander shows his skill and agility against a cagey left-handed opponent. (Note: video clip incorrectly dates the fight, which actually took place September 5, 1960.)

Then known as Cassius Clay, the future 3-Time Heavyweight World Champion began his march to greatness at the 1960 Rome Olympics. Just graduated from high school, the 18 year old became known as “The Mayor of Olympic Village” because of his outgoing personality and larger-than-life spirit.

Already a national champion in both AAU and Golden Gloves competitions, the Louisville, Kentucky native nearly did not make the trip to Rome, however. Afraid of airplane travel, he insisted on taking a parachute with him in the plane.

On September 5, 1960, however, The Greatest finished his dominance in the Light Heavyweight Boxing Division, beating Zigzy Pietrzykowski of Poland to capture Olympic Gold. Sports Illustrated praised Clay’s “supreme confidence” and “intricate dance steps.”

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